Community Bonfire, Sled Party slated in Hampton

Saturday, January 4, 2020 | 12:01 AM

Sledders should be dreaming for a white, snowy weekend on Feb. 1 from 4 to 7 p.m. as the Hampton Community Association will be hosting its first-ever Community Bonfire and Sled Party.

The not-for-profit group is organizing the free Saturday get-together outside of the Hampton Township Community Center off of McCully Road. Just bring your own sled and your own beverages, according to Laurie Christy, an organizer for the event and member of the HCA.

This gives Hampton residents a chance to see each other in the off-season.

“HCA wanted to host a family-friendly winter event. We just want to get the community to gather during the winter months,” said Christy.

Sledding will be held at the hill adjacent to the community center, said Christy.

The community center also has a back patio which includes a fire pit and overlooks the area for sled riders. So, those keeping warm can also keep vigil over the sledding crew.

The event is weather dependent, but in this case, only if it’s not snowing enough.

“Snow is welcome,” said Christy. But if there’s not enough snow for sledding they will still have a bonfire.

The HCA was created by township council years ago as a stand alone 501-C-3, according to Township Municipal Manager Christopher Lochner. The HCA board operates totally separate of the township, he said.

The HCA usually appoints its own board members. Township council does have two appointments out of the seven-member board, said Lochner.

It supports the township and its residents through “the establishment, maintenance and improvement of parks, recreational and cultural facilities … and to facilitate and strengthen recreational and cultural programs and activities within the community,” according to the Hampton Township website.

Lochner said other municipalities have similar types of 501-C-3’s. In fact, Hampton Alliance for Educational Excellence group is a nonprofit that supports the Hampton Township School District.

The group hosts other events throughout the year. She said they plan to host an Octoberfest in the fall.

“The HCA recently purchased swings for the playground. We’re also supporting any future financial needs in the park,” Christy said.

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