Hampton business owner remains connected to Beattie Career Center

Monday, July 1, 2019 | 12:01 AM

Hampton business owner and A.W. Beattie Career Center alumnus Jason Boyd is paying it forward.

Boyd, 39, hires mostly Beattie graduates for Hampton Mechanical, a commercial HVAC and sheet metal contractor his family founded in 1989.

Boyd said graduates of the center in McCandless, which offers programs to students in grades 10-12 who reside in nine northern Allegheny County school districts, are dependable, knowledgeable and hungry to learn.

Boyd said longtime teachers Scott Miller and Roy Hughes are responsible for that.

“(They are) both very good and hardworking,” Boyd said.

Boyd, who graduated in 1998, said Miller instructed him.

Boyd, a Beattie advisory board member, likes that students are taught the fundamentals of plumbing and electrical because “HVAC has a little bit of everything.”

Boyd said he hires six or seven Beattie graduates every year, and there are six other schools he taps.

Students are given an opportunity to work in the shop.

He has a full-time recruiter.

(There is) a huge lack of skilled labor,” Boyd said.

Hampton Mechanical, which Boyd took over from his parents in January 2016, has 75 employees, including 70 full-time.

Boyd said he tries to pay a starting wage of $13 an hour.

Beattie graduate Vaun Flotta, 21, of New Kensington, has worked for the company for four years.

Flotta, a service technician, said Boyd offers a pretty competitive 401(k) and he has never been out of work.

“He understands what we need coming out of high school to advance,” Flotta said.

Miller said Boyd has given more kids a start in the North Hills than anyone he knows.

“He’s been phenomenal,” Miller said. “He gives good structure, good managers.

“I haven’t had a kid who’s had a bad experience.”

Hughes said it is great to have an employer like Boyd.

“Anytime we need something, he’ll give us old units, air conditioner and furnace (for students to work on),” Hughes said.