Hampton prepares for unplanned work; Clearview Road closed

Wednesday, February 5, 2020 | 12:01 AM

Part of Clearview Road in Hampton Township is closed until April 30 for emergency stabilization work.

The road will be closed near Harts Run Road for about 300 feet. DRB Contracting will be performing emergency repairs to stabilize the sanitary sewer basin and pipe, install new retention wall and repave some 250 feet of Clearview Road, according to hampton-pa.org. A detour map is available on the township’s website.

Thie road damage resulted from a major rainstorm in July. Recent weather patterns have presented challenges in Hampton, said Kevin Flannery, director of the township’s Community Services Department.

“The weather pattern over the last several years has seen an increase in the amount of rain in Western Pennsylvania,” Flannery said. “With rain, remember water goes where it wants to go. So this is why you see water on roads or hillsides you did not see previously.”

The damage at Clearview Road will take close to $400,000 to repair, according to Jerry Speakman, who serves as township controller.

Flannery said officials are being proactive about weather-related damage and normal wear and tear. With this year’s road program, he and other township staffers walked all the roadways during the first week of January. They marked all wet areas to determine whether water can be collected or directed to a stormwater pipe so it does not lie on the road. Eight such areas were identified, and they are being connected to the stormwater system.

“It will take time to get them all, but if we start addressing five to 10 each year, it will make a sizable difference,” Flannery said.

“We and the Public Works Department must always be prepared for unexpected emergency work,” Flannery continued. “We will be finding ways to mitigate water damage issues, such as removing trees from streams. Once again, it will not be done overnight but over time.”

Flannery told council other communities are experiencing similar emergencies.

Hampton has a $1 million annual budget for road maintenance, but emergency work falls outside it.

Clearview Road Bridge is in need of replacement, as well, per a 2018 PennDOT Bridge Inspection Report. Two of the eight center/main truss supports have deteriorated, according to the 2020 Department of Community Services budget. Phase 1 of bridge replacement is estimated at $180,000, about 50% of the total cost to replace the bridge with a concrete culvert.

The bridge replacement on Clearview Road at Route 8 does not quality for emergency funds and will be financed through the capital improvement fund, according to council President Mike Peters.

Other areas that seem to have been affected by recent storm damage includes the Water Pollution Control Plant, which is in the design phases of a major $43.6 million upgrade.

Jim Degnan, director of environmental services for Hampton, has reported to council that the Water Pollution Control Plant located on Toner Avenue has experienced flooding- or near flooding-related issues after major storms.

At a November council meeting, the KLH Engineers who are performing the design phase of the renovation, said the newly designed plant site will be protected from flooding. Christopher Lochner, township manager, noted that on average the plant sits 8 feet higher than where it sits today to minimize flood damage.

The upgrade will be done while the current plant is in operation and is expected to be finished in fall of 2022.