Hampton real estate transactions the week of Dec. 29

Sunday, December 29, 2019 | 12:01 AM


David Helon sold property at 5002 Graphic Drive to Joshua and Natalie Matthews for $266,000.

Edward Huber Jr. sold property at 2984 Haberlein Road to Justin Huber for $120,000.

UCG One LLC sold property at 3130 Haberlein Road to Michael and Emily Drop for $290,000.

The Hamptons L.P. sold property at Hampton Place Drive to NVR Inc. for $172,172.

Hampton Development Co. LLC sold property at 4474 McCaslin Ridge Drive to Bernard and Joanne Verardi Dougherty for $95,000.

Cheryl Louise Kilbert sold property at 4296 Mt. Royal Blvd. to Richard DelPercio for $205,000.

Connor McLaughlin sold property at 3994 Old Route 8 to Adam Anderson and Lauren Murphy for $160,000.

Sheng Lin Lin sold property at 3117 Raintree Drive to Ketian Cui for $263,000.

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