Hampton student’s art selected for permanent display

Thursday, May 21, 2020 | 11:01 PM

A self-portrait drawn by a Hampton High School senior, depicted in a graduation cap and gown, and mask, was selected as part of the school’s permanent collection.

“I had the thought, ‘What if I don’t graduate? And if I do, what is it going to look like?’” Katelyn Januck said in a school news release.

Januck used her older sister, Emily’s, cap and gown to create the pencil drawing, which will hang in the hallway near the school library.

“We have artwork on display going back to at least 1980. This year, the HHS faculty and staff voted to decide which of the submitted works would be the representative piece from this senior class,” said Kate Powell, art teacher at the middle and high schools. “In past years art students voted for the winning piece and the winner was honored at Awards Night.”

Januck, 18, plans to attend Savannah College of Art and Design this fall and is considering majors in illustration, photography or graphic design.

Januck, a daughter of James and Jennifer Januck, said she misses her teachers and the “social aspect” of school.

“It’s started to feel like a new normal, which is unfortunate,” said Januck.