Hampton students showcase skills during cosmetology open house

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 | 11:00 PM

Two Hampton students, who are in the cosmetology program at A.W. Beattie Career Center, showcased their hair design skills at a recent fashion show there.

The event was part of the career center’s open house on March 5, with its 20 programs on display for community members, prospective students and their families. Instructors were on hand as well as students who volunteered to meet and talk about their experiences with guests coming to the open house.

Karley Furge and Courtney Huber, both seniors at Hampton, are third-year cosmetology students at Beattie. They are studying hair design and are working on their state test to obtain their required licenses, according to their Beattie cosmetology instructor Cynthia Cazin.

She said her students produce a fashion show in the fall and then again in the second half of the year to line up with the school’s spring open house.

The Hampton students selected their models and styled their hair, then sent them down a runway to show off their work.

Huber said the entire senior class has been getting ready for the event for months. This included setting up the chairs and stage, getting the music check, and having the advertising design class make the intro video. They also had to coordinate their runway walk and “pretty much everything else down to the programs being in order,” she said.

“It was very hectic trying to communicate with the morning class and their ideas, but we made it work. All in all, I think the show turned out great and people liked it,” said Huber.

Cazin said the purpose is to also illustrate to prospective employers their work. Furge said the cosmetology program offers so many benefits.

“We get lots of things out of the cosmetology program: new friends; better people skills; all the hair cutting, coloring and styling skills; facial techniques; different massage types; (information on) every nail disease and disorder (and) how to super clean; and, most importantly, a cosmetology license,” said Furge.

Cazin is proud of her students.

“They’re doing great. We get a lot of positive feedback,” said Cazin, who has been at Beattie for 16 years.

A.W. Beattie serves more than 800 students from Avonworth, Deer Lakes, Fox Chapel Area, Hampton Township, Northgate, North Allegheny, North Hills, Pine-Richland and Shaler Area, according to its website.

Hampton has one of the largest percentage of students attending Beattie out of the nine attending school districts, said Dr. Michael Loughead, superintendent at Hampton Township School District.

High School Principal Dr. Marguerite Imbarlina shared with Loughead that more than 90 students will be attending Beattie next school year. The number seems to keep growing annually.

“It just shows the value of the programs there offered to students,” Loughead said.

Students who attend A.W. Beattie receive hands-on, real world experiences and are given experience to be college and career-ready upon completion of the program, according to the career center website. Students attend their home school also during the day to complete their core classes.