Hampton Township real estate transactions for the week of March 29

Saturday, March 28, 2020 | 11:01 PM

Thomas Litwiler sold property at 3907 Ash Drive to Gregory and Rachel Wolfe for $515,000.

Frank Coco sold property at 4089 Branding Pl to Donald and Linda Coco for $237,500.

Christopher Hildebrandt sold property at 4679 Greenwood Drive to Brian and Katharine Leigh Moser for $410,000.

The Hamptons L.P. sold property at 5104 Hampton to NVR Inc. for $327,077.

The Hamptons L.P. sold property at 5176 Hampton Place Drive to NVR Inc. for $172,172.

ARC CBALPPA001 LLC sold property at 4761 Route 8 to SPP Citizens NLREF 5 LLC for $1,032,669.

Estate of Katherine Storm sold property at 2532 Royalview Drive to Vladimir Vasilyev for $140,000.

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