Hoffman Kennels retains services in Hampton regarding animal control

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 | 12:01 AM

If a Hampton resident loses a dog, chances are it could be sent to Hoffman Kennels in Delmont, Pa., but it’s important to know when and how to retrieve it.

The kennel was approved again for professional services regarding animal control in Hampton Township per a unanimous approval by council at its November voting meeting. The animal control professional services contract was reviewed last year at this time as well.

The township has been using Hoffman Kennels for several years. Stray animals are turned over to Hoffman Kennels, who are contracted by the Township of Hampton for animal control, according to police Chief Tom Vulakovich.

However, there were some reservations by council member Bethany Blackburn, who was concerned about language in the contract.

She was concerned that Hoffman Kennels’ location is too far for residents to travel. She expressed that they should give maximum time for owners to retrieve their pets.

The kennel gives five days of keeping the animals after notifying the owner. Also, for an unlicensed pet, the kennel’s contract said they’d keep an animal for 48 hours, when Blackburn said Allegheny County law terms it as two business days.

Vulakovich researched other kennels in the area which either did not comply or meet the needs of the township.

“There’s really nobody in area to respond to lost dogs. It’s the only place we can go to,” said Vulakovich.

Dr. Carolyn Johnson, vice president of council, said they raised similar concerns prior to last year’s contract renewal and are disappointed they did not make any changes.

Residents who lost an animal should contact the Hampton Township Police and it will be placed on a missing animal watch list with a resident’s name and phone number. Pet owners will be contacted should the police find the animal or someone reports the animal as being found, according to the Hampton Township website.

Any resident may report a lost or found animal to the Hampton Township Police by providing a description of the animal along with any identification it is wearing.

Pet owners who do not properly control or confine their pet to their property are in violation of the Township of Hampton Ordinance and Pennsylvania Dog Law and could result in fines or impounding the animal.

Call the Hampton Township Police Department to report a lost or found animal, at 412-486-0400.