Painted rocks bring cheer to Hampton neighborhood

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 | 3:54 PM

It started as an idea to entertain her two children under the age of 5.

Liz Saraceno, 36, of Hampton went to the grocery store back in mid-March to stock up on supplies for her family as the nation grappled with containing the spread of covid-19. As she gathered essentials, she thought about how she would entertain her daughters – Skylar, 4, and Annabelle, 2.

“So I thought, I’m just gonna get supplies for some neighbors so we could do a project together. I mean, people have rocks,” Saraceno said. So she bought some craft paint, brushes, glitter and stickers.

Soon, the Neighborhood Rock Party was born.

The Hampton neighborhood of Tall Timber Drive now has brightly painted rocks displayed at the feet of homes’ mailboxes, each emblazoned with positive messages for passersby.

Supplies to design your own rocks can be found in a bin left outside the Saraceno’s house, which is kept stocked with paint, brushes and glitter.

She said most of the houses in the neighborhood have painted their own rocks and she is hearing from strangers who want to take the idea to their neighborhoods.

One of Saraceno’s favorite rocks was painted yellow with the Hawaiian phrase “Ka-Kou” written on it, roughly translating to “All of us.”

“We need to look for positivity in everything and anything,” Saraceno said, which is what she and her husband have tried teaching their daughters.