Road resurfacing program endorsed by Hampton Council

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 | 1:32 PM

Official endorsement from Hampton Township Council on both the 2020 and 2021 Road Resurfacing programs helps pave the way for preliminary planning, per the motion at their Oct. 23 voting meeting.

“Our endorsement of the road paving program is essentially an early approval,” said Dr. Carolynn Johnson, vice president of Hampton Township Council.

While it still needs to be worked into the coming year’s budget, Johnson said “the program is a substantial investment that requires a large amount of advanced planning, so by endorsing it now, the township can start the preliminary planning process.”

Kevin Flannery, the community services director for Hampton Township, presented a slightly new take on the program at the council’s September meeting.

This program begins the long-term planning for a road resurfacing program in Hampton, with the intention to address all roads in the township on a rotating basis.

“The new proposed plan provides more time for notification of the roadwork to residents, utilities and adjoining municipalities,” said Flannery, who previously was the manager for Sewickley Township. He began working at Hampton earlier this year.

Council approved in last year’s budget to implement a 10- to 15-year road resurfacing program in the current budget. In order to help fund this program, council approved last December an increase in capital improvement millage rates by 4275 mills or $42.75 on every $100,000 assessed real estate property value.

Township will budget an estimated $1 million per year for a capital roads maintenance program. Prior to the new budget approval, the township budgeted approximately $525,000 a year for road maintenance, per Council President Mike Peters.

Flannery said project roads will be grouped together to maximize time and the “effectiveness of the dollar.” The township owns and maintains more than 95 miles of road, according to the program. There are state-maintained roads in Hampton, such as Sample and Route 8.

“We’re doing roads more efficiently,” said Flannery.

In anticipation of the program, all Hampton roads were reviewed by engineers or township staff to accurately assess them, according to Flannery.

The program plans will be shared with all utility services in Hampton as well adjacent governmental units including municipalities, Allegheny County and the state. This will open doors for better communications and may lead to joint projects, according to Flannery.

Now that the council endorsed the program, sanitary lines, manholes and storm sewers are to be inspected and evaluated this month to assure they are in good condition on the proposed roads for 2020. This will advise if there are any additional structural items to address.

Council traditionally approves the coming year’s budget at its December meeting, after which Flannery recommends preparation to advertisement for the 2020 road projects. He said bid prices usually are better earlier in the year.

Flannery anticipates road work scheduled will be accomplished May through August. The next year’s projects will be reviewed in August and September.

Residents are also able to view three maps available at the community center to get a better picture of the program. One provides an actual visual of what has been done over the past 18 years, one illustrates what is being done this year, and the third displays what is proposed in the 10-year plan, according to Flannery.

The program is built up to 2029.

Township Manager Christopher Lochner said after the 10 to 15 years of roadwork is accomplished, it just “flips itself over” and begins again.

“It becomes a living, breathing thing,” he said.

Roads proposed for 2020 include Ash Drive, Bronwyn Court, Camberly Drive, Catherine Drive, Cheltenham Court, Hanna Way, Harvest Lane, Harvest Lane 2, Meadowridge Court, Meadowridge Lane, Mina Drive, Murray Avenue, Naomi Terrace, Prince Phillip Court, Ranalli Drive, Shadowwood Court, and Skyline Drive, per Flannery’s report.