‘A Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ opening at Tull Family Theater in Sewickley

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 | 4:06 PM

Portrait of a Lady on Fire | R | 2hr 2min

Winner of a coveted Cannes prize and one of the best reviewed films of the year, “A Portrait of a Lady on Fire” solidifies Céline Sciamma as one of the most exciting filmmakers working in the world today.

“Céline Sciamma’s Portrait of a Lady on Fire will take you on an unusual, stormy ride,” says Box Office Pro. “The picture is also about artistic creation itself and the artist’s relationship to her muse.”

Ebert.com calls Sciamma’s latest work “the tale of a dreamy romance. It’s a delicate drama that flourishes through the liberating power of art…”

“It’s an all-in effort, and Sciamma has created something of a masterwork,” observes the Detroit News. “It’s a deeply layered story … with themes that transcend era and setting.”

“It is a film about womanhood, sisterhood, love, marriage and being seen and heard,” concludes the Irish Sunday Independent. “And it is wonderful.”