‘Botero’ opening at Tull Family Theater in Sewickley

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 | 4:08 PM

Botero | NR | 1hr 22min

Big news for art lovers: Botero starts Friday.
A documentary about the international artist loved by ordinary people and heartily scorned by some critics will screen only for a week at the Tull Family Theater. Be sure to catch it.

“Botero may be an international, populist favorite, but most North American critics won’t give him the time of day,” declares Artsy.net. “That strange tension is at the heart of a new documentary.”

“By manipulating space and perspective, he draws attention to the monumentality of his figures,” acknowledges Christies.com, “showing them in spaces that seem too small to contain them.”

Click here to watch the compelling trailer.

Artsy.net shares, “This is a man who says, earnestly, that his goal is ‘to touch the heart of everyone in the world.'”