Go Shout Love – Levi Walls

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 | 6:14 PM

Hello to the Hampton Journal staff!

My name is Kristin Estok and I am the Community Relations Director for Go Shout Love. Go Shout Love is a social enterprise designed to support and encourage families with children on rare medical journeys. We share stories of families by leveraging the power of social media. People from all over the United States come together to rally behind these families through the purchase of creative apparel uniquely inspired by the month’s featured families. The funds raised through our apparel goes towards the families medical costs. While we love that we get to be a support to these families, our other major goal with Go Shout Love is to create a space where the families can teach us and our supporters the power of inclusion and creating a space for people of all abilities in today’s world. Our families have taught us so much about the importance of inclusion and acceptance in society and we really think your audience would love to hear about it as well.

I am reaching out to you because for October we are featuring four Pittsburgh area families. I am actually local to Pittsburgh and actually live in Hampton myself! My team recently flew out here to document each Pittsburgh area family and to tell their story through video, podcast, and photography. One of the family’s we are featuring are the Walls’ family, who have sweet Levi Walls. Julie Walls mentioned your publication to me as someone who may be interested in doing a follow up story on Levi. She mentioned that you and your team did a story on Levi recently. If you’d be interested we would love to chat with you more about Go Shout Love and the four incredible Pittsburgh area families we have the honor of featuring. We are really excited about this and are really hoping to rally a lot of local community support.

Our October shirts are a nod to Pittsburgh with a Pittsburgh bridge in the design and the slogan “kindness connects us” in hopes to spread the message of kindness throughout October. Each family has a separate goal they are hoping to make through our apparel whether that be funds to go towards a handicap accessible van, funds to help with gas for the continuous back and forth visits to the Children’s Hospital, or help with additional medical equipment insurance won’t cover. Regardless, our main hope is to have a platform for their stories to be told and heard across the country. I can send you our pdf that explains a bit more about our company and a pdf of all of the Pittsburgh families if you’d like to reach out to met at kristin@goshout.love. You can also reach me at 412-848-7476. Would love to connect with you all and to see some strong support from our township!

Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you!

Kristin Estok