North Hills family medicine practice offers better care for less money

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 | 4:13 PM

An Allison Park-based family medicine office is now offering free enrollment for the upcoming Open Enrollment season.

Family Matters DPC (Direct Primary Care) is an innovative family medicine practice that offers low cost, high quality, accessible healthcare by offering monthly memberships.  For $68/month for adults, $38/month for children, patients are offered increased access, 30-60 minute appointments, and more coordinated care than traditional medical practices.  By not billing insurance, they can reduce their overhead (most insurance-based practices require several employees just to deal with insurance) and thus offer care for less than the cost of a monthly cell phone or cable bill.  In addition, membership gets them access to wholesale medication and lab pricing.

This is the time of year where many employers ask their employees to choose their health insurance plan and other benefits for the upcoming calendar year.  Normally, Family Matters requires a $100 registration fee to defray the cost of onboarding a patient and gathering their medical records.  However, during this time of year, they are waiving the registration fee so patients can discover their affordable pricing at an even lower cost.

C0-founder Dr. Lela Dougherty states, “Direct Primary Care is a gamechanger in the medical industry.  It works for anybody…Cadillac insurance, high deductible plans, or no insurance at all.  I’ve got homeless patients as well patients who live in large mansions.  This model works exceptionally well for people who want to cut their healthcare costs by pairing DPC with a high deductible plan.”  In addition, Family Matters works with small businesses who want to provide their employees health care but can’t afford the high costs of health insurance.

“Another added benefit,” says Dr. Dougherty, “is that we have no copays and get to spend up to 60 minutes per visit just getting to know our patients, treating their illness, and keeping them healthy.  I’m finally practicing medicine the way I envisioned.”

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