What’s Happening in the Catmos?

Friday, May 15, 2020 | 10:11 AM

Cat and cartoon lovers around the world definitely are interested in what’s happening in the Catmos–one of the films available in the New York International Children’s Film Festival now playing in the Virtual Screening Rooms of The Tull Family Theater.

Because of interest in the Catmos (as opposed to the Cosmos), the tadpole pond, the boxing ring and the middle school dance, the two film packages from the NYICFF have an extended run until Sunday, May 24.

Two packages are available, with animated and live action shorts: one for ages 3+, includes 11 films with English or no dialogue, and one for ages 8+ includes Catmos and seven other shorts, including documentaries, with English or subtitles. Each package costs $10 for two full days of viewing, allowing all films or special favorites to be watched over and over again!